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It's a pleasure to welcome you to Hotel Rudraksh which offers a blend of Eastern and Western hospitality in an atmosphere of timeless elegance, beyond comfortable and stylish rooms, and also varity of healthy food dishes.

It would be our honour to make your visit experience truely exceptional and above spectacular.


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"There's no greater act of hospitality than to embrace a stranger as one's own."

"Atithi Devo Bhava" is our ancient tradition to treat the Guest as a God and here at Hotel Rudraksh we believe to keep this in practise. This modern hotel feature bright, contemporary decor and premier amenities designed to make your stay as comfortable as possible. It experiences splendid accomodation with a wide array of facilities catering to the needs of elite business and corporate travelers.

Hotel Rudraksh is located in Nakhatrana, Kutch on Bhuj-Lakhpat Highway which makes it perfect choice for the guests and business personnel's touring Kutch. Our philosophy which is based on excellence and discretion, is aimed at satisfying the tastes of our guests and at honouring them with the most impeccable personalized attention.

You are our priority and Hotel Rudraksh Unfolds a new dimension at Kutch to provide you real home away from home. Our personnel will make every endeavour to make your stay a pleasant and memorable one.


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The Great Rann of Kutch is a salt marsh located in the Thar Desert in the Kutch District of Gujarat which is the Prime attraction of the Tourist in Kutch. On the Night of Full Moon, its beauty rises with the sparkling white salt all around the large area which makes us feel like a visit of heaven.

The Government of Gujarat hosts an annual 3 month long festival during winter called the "Rann Utsav festival of the Rann" where tourists can see the various sights of the Rann. Rann Utsav gives visitors not only a chance to experience full moon on salt deserts but also get a taste of the local culture, cuisine and hospitality. Specially built local houses are also used to house tourists to give them a taste of local traditions. Many adventure clubs and travel clubs organize expeditions.

The unique handicrafts of Kutch are world-famous. A lot of women and young girls make their living by selling different types of embroidered cloths. The embroidery is of various styles such as Rabari, Ahir, Sindhi, Banni, Mutwa, Ari and Soof - and some styles include mirror or bead inlay.

It is approximately 110 km from the hotel.

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In a land replete with pilgrimage sites, Narayan Sarovar is a different kind of holy experience.

Narayan Sarovar Lake is one of the 5 holy lakes of Hinduism, along with Mansarovar in Tibet, Pampa in Karnataka, Bhuvaneshwar in Orissa and Pushkar in Rajasthan. The lake is associated with a time of drought in the Puranic area, when Narayan (a form of Lord Vishnu) appeared in response to the fervent prayers of sages and touched the land with his toe, creating the lake, now revered as holy to bathe in (though this is not recommended).

There are temples to Shri Trikamraiji, Laxminarayan, Govardhannathji, Dwarkanath, Adinarayan, Ranchodraiji and Laxmiji, built by the wife of Maharao Desalji.

It is approximately 103 km from the hotel.

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Koteshwar Temple, the last outpost of human construction at the westernmost limit of India. Koteshwar is conducive to contemplating emptiness, pondering the place of humanity on earth.

The story of Koteshwar begins with Ravana, who won a boon from Lord Shiva for an outstanding display of piety. This boon was the gift of a Shiva linga of great spiritual power, but which Ravana, in his arrogant haste, accidentally dropped and it fell to earth at Koteshwar. To punish Ravana for his carelessness, the linga turned into a thousand identical copies (some versions of the story say ten thousand, some a million; suffice to say it was quite a lot.) Unable to distinguish the original, Ravana grabbed one and departed, leaving the original one here, around which Koteshwar Temple was built.

Visitors can see the temple, walk along the beach and on a clear night, even see the glow of light from Karachi, Pakistan, on the northwestern horizon.

It is approximately 105 km from the hotel on the same way of narayan sarovar.

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At the far northwest corner of Kutch, stands Lakhpat, once an important port city but now virtually abandoned for almost 200 years.

Though it requires a long journey to reach Lakhpat, the intrepid traveler will be rewarded. The 7 km fort walls, erected in 1801 by Jamadar Fateh Muhammed, are still nearly intact, and offer tremendous views. Due to the extremely clear desert air and remote location, the night sky is spectacular (visit near the new moon for best stargazing) and sunrise or sunset in a landscape of such endless horizons are not to be missed.

Lakhpat has religious significance for three of India's most populous religions: Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, reportedly camped here on his journey to Mecca.

Lakhpat has very few services for visitors; you can buy tea, coffee, and a basic lunch, but do not count on being able to find any other supplies. There are no private bedrooms or bathrooms. So better return to your place.

It is approximately 86 km from the hotel.

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Mata no Madh is a village in Lakhpat Taluka of Kutch district, Gujarat. The village lies surrounded by hills on both banks of a small stream and has a temple dedicated to Ashapura Mata, the household deity of former Jadeja rulers of Cutch State. She is also considered patron deity of Kutch.

The image of Ashapura Mata in the shrine is a red-painted stone, about six feet high and six feet broad at the base, narrowing to a point in a shape, with some rough likeness to a human form.

There is a legend associated with Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro of Sindh. In 1762, when his army attacked this temple, his soldiers became blind by the curse of Ashapura. Then, Ghulam Shah took a swear to set up a huge bell in the temple. Finally, his soldiers regained their sight and Ghulam Shah kept his words. The huge bell still stands there in temple.

Thousands of devotee from Gujarat and other states visits the temple during auspicious days of Chaitra Navaratri and Ashvin Navaratri of which the later hold more significance. Camps and relief facilities are set up around the road leading to Mata no Madh, every year for this pilgrimage.

It is approximately 45 km from the hotel.

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Dinodhar Hill, an inactive volcano rising to an elevation of 386 meters. It is one such place which holds a silent monastery and a crater within. You’re travelling Dhinodhar for a reason – trekking or just reaching the heights to feel the skyline. But there’s something more auspicious within, the stories of Dhinodhar.

Dhinodhar now is a place of shrine, dome shaped with limestone and mud, one times flourishing city with a rich seaborne trading border. The place is a mere dedication to the ‘Holy Dhoramnath’ who was in search of a secluded place in the lands of Kutch to practice absolute penance.

Dhoramnath is said to be rested on head on a smeared triangle shaped conical stone , The monastery building has a temple dedicated to the saint Dhoramnath and his powerful penance. Today, Dhinodhar stands much enlightened with the omnipresence of these happenings.

It is approximately 18 km from the hotel.


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